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Hardware Garage

We help to grow your Hardware Startup

We know that building a hardware startup is HARD. We have been there!
Join our community to help scale your startup with ease.

Hardware Garage

We help your startup to build a resilient team

Running a successful hardware startup goes beyond having a good product!
Learn from experts on how to make a difference.

Hardware Garage


Clean Energy Transition

Do you have a project that will enable millions of Nigerians have access to stable and clean Energy? We can help you to develop that product.


Approaches to fuelling transportation tools is changing globally. We suport projects changing mobility from fossil fuel to electric system.


We are supporting local entrepreneurs to promote food production and preservation in the country. Join our team to build the product.

Hardware Garage

Who we are

The Hardware Garage is a centre for local content development and promotion in Nigeria. A private driven entity where product ideas or prototypes are turned into commercially viable products/company.

We are a team of passionate engineers, educators, entrepreneurs, business managers and investors who believe in the abundant human capital in Africa. We are driven by the historical successes of local content creation and are turning selling and sellable ideas or products in Nigeria into locally produced goods. By this, we are not only saving forex, we are also creating more jobs for Nigerians and breeding a stronger human capital for the future.

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