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About Us

Our Mission

Through local technologies and human capital development in the hardware industry, we would create an Africa with industrial systems solving their immediate market problems.

Our Vision

To be the connection between hardware product development and market entry in Africa.

How we Impact

Since 2017, we have helped create 5 products selling in Nigeria and have assisted few of our startups to raise over USD200,000 in grant, equity and product sponsorships. Our Impact is felt in all sectors we play in; Renewable energy, power electronics, sound electronics and Agriculture. We are continually supporting local entrepreneurs, engineers and business nerds to grow the businesses and products of their dream from the African perspective. We also connect them with several partners who through our schemes provide professional development courses and trainings to selected members of every cohort.

Hardware Garage

What we do

We are a hardware technology acceleration lab providing services such as product design, product development, manufacturing, market feasibility studies and sales.

We are a complete suit with technical, business development and sales team working on bringing more locally made products to the Nigerian market. We also help foreign companies seeking to explore the local human resources in Nigeria/ Africa for much affordable wages. We are driven by Passionate Leadership, Technical Excellence, Market networks and Mentoring from passionate individuals across the globe. We are a team creating possibilities in Africa.


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