StartHard 1.0

50 select applicants, 5 finalists, 3 Stage review, 1 E-mobility Startup, 2 Clean energy startups, Online and physical participants, 2 IoT startups
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Hardware Garage

The hardware garage identifies hardware startups, incubate the idea/prototype or concept through its network of product developers, engineers and academia, iterate on the project looking at the market potentials and then builds a commercially selling product from it.

Annually, the StartHard event gives us an opportunity to bring industry players, startups and investors to a common place of discussing for pitching and investment. The 2021 edition took place on the 30th of July.

The featured startups represented the categories below:

Clean Energy Technologies




Embedded Systems


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The Starthard event is an annual innovation call to support, connect and build hardware startups working in clean energy, E-mobility and Agriculture. The 1.0 Edition took place on 3oth July, 2021 in Enugu, Nigeria featuring 5 startups working in clean energy, Internet of Things and E-mobility. Select startups are provided with mentorship, product development support and funding.

History was made on 30th July as selected hardware startups from across the country for the first time converged in Enugu Nigeria at the Hardware Garage Centre to seek pre-seed investments. The event clouded with high hopes saw selected investors and representatives sit at the Garage while others who couldn’t make it to the Garage connected from across the country and 3 other countries including USA, UK and Kenya.

With enthusiasm, each of the startups ranging from Blieu Innovation, Switch, Obtech, Green Creation and Dreamfix pitched their ideas to the investors and with each seeking pre-seed investments and product development support for their startup. Blieu Innovation pitched their power management tools to the investors, Switch makes it possible for her clients to completely move off-grid and off-diesel forever, through her Solar Electricity Service. Obtech develops and sell consumer electronics products that makes life easier, stress-free and convenient for everybody, everyday. Green Creation demonstrated their ability to synthesize cassava liquid as fuel for their generators with a proof of concept revealing a very low cost and effective way of generating electricity. Dream fix focuses on retrofitting fuel vehicles to electric vehicles. During the pitch event, they showed how they potentially want to turn over 1,000 fuel keke Napep to electric keke earning daily premium on usage.

Among the highlights of the event was Obtech securing over USD15,000 pre-seed investment pledges pending a due diligence report on the company by the Garage. They caught the attention of most of the investors as they unveiled their water and electricity metering system seeking pre-seed of USD10,000. More so, Dream fix raised USD10,000 pre-seed to develop their project while also seeking extra funding to retrofit 50 Keke Napep in the next 6 months.

We are proud of the investors who have not lost hope in the ecosystem and who still believe that hardware startups can scale in Nigeria. We are also very proud of our startups who have shown diligence in developing and scaling their startups.


Journey to Pitch day


Application opens

Application closes on 30th June

Application for this year was limited to innovators working in clean energy, E-mobility na d Agriculture.


First Review Commences

First shortlist made.

In 30 days, the call saw a massive 50 applicants who were lucky to make a complete submission beofre the close of the call. These applications were reviewed and 13 startups with the best application were invited to an online interview..


Finalists identified

Finalists invtited for the pitch day

A thorough review during the interview process saw 5 startups with identifiable scalable projects invited for the pitch day.

July, 30th

Innovation Day

Physical pitch event

This year event saw selected investors and representatives sit at the Garage while others who couldn’t make it to the Garage connected from across the country and 3 other countries including USA, UK and Kenya.

Post Event



2 startups have secured investors, and product development support enabling them chart a roadmap to market entry and product-market fit.


Meet the Startups


Blieu Automation

We are a R&D driven company, we develope power consumption management solutions for regular Nigerian homes. We have designed our power consumption management solution for regular Nigerian homes and also for deploying clean energy to underserved community.

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Revive Earth

Revive Earth, formerly DreamFix Technologies is an E-Mobility startup that allows tricycle riders to quickly get running with an electric drivetrain which they will pay 67% less to fuel. It's focused on removing gasoline vehicles from Nigerian roads by retrofitting existing vehicles with electric drivetrain while also innovating and introducing entirely new Electric Vehicles. into the market with growing capacity.

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Obtech Automation

OBTECH startup specializes in developing consumer electronics products used for both domestic and industrial purposes. Our products focuses on eliminating the manual way of living, thereby encouraging stress-free living. Our products helps to save time and energy for our users, because our products are driven towards domestic and industrial automation. We have successfully prototype a working mobile- based water pump controller for monitoring and controlling both domestic and industrial water tanks. We have also successfully prototyped a mobile-controlled changeover switches.

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Green Creation

Green Creation Energy Limited is an agro-based renewable energy solutions company. We believe that a significant percentage of people living in rural areas in Nigeria are off-grid and don't have access to electricity. Hence, we're developing a standalone energy kit( JIAP energy dispenser) that'll provide households and small business owners access to cheap and affordable electricity. JIAP converts cassava waste water to electricity.

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Switch Energy

The problem of grid instability and energy poverty in sub-Saharan Africa have opened up an opportunity for Switch to generate and retail low cost electricity on-site, by harnessing the power of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), such as solar PVs, in combination with Energy Storage Technologies.

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